Meet Allison.

Consider me your Personal Development Librarian.

You know the kid who always had their nose stuck in book?

That was me.

I followed that book all the way to a Master's in Library and Information Sciences, although I only spent 2 years actually working as a librarian, I have always considered myself a librarian. I believe books can change lives and use them in my coaching.

I read about 65-80 books a year and always provide my clients with at least one book during our work together.

In addition to using books, I bring my certifications as a life and behavior change coach, 10 years of entrepreneurship and graduate degree in leadership to my coaching.

I work with my clients on learning to trust their inner knowing and guidance. Many of my clients come to work with me during periods of life transition: going from employee to entrepreneurship, retiring from sports, becoming a mother, or scaling their businesses. These periods often cause us to question our abilities and intuition. Together we work together to reconnect you with your inner knowing and gifts.

It is my sincere hope that every person I encounter leaves feeling more empowered and capable and has a better understanding of how to trust their unique gifts and skills to overcome whatever life throws at them.

Allison Alexander Book Club

Just to be clear, my path to here has been a rollercoaster. There have been more ups and downs than I care to think about, but over and over I find when I trust myself and my intuition, I can overcome any obstacle (even if I have to throw a temper tantrum first).

Education and Certifications:

  • BA Women's Studies & Political Science
  • MLIS
  • Graduate Certificate Leadership
  • Authentic Living & Behavior Change Life Coaching Certification
  • Breathwork Guide
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Intuitive Guidance Certification
  • Quantum Human Design Certification
  • Pilates & Group Fitness Certification
  • Inner Child Guide

Schedule a Speed Date

Selected ways we can work together

There is no one size fits all in my coaching and work.

Curious which is right for you? Let's schedule a Speed Date.

1:1 Long Term Coaching

This is a 6 month minimum commitment with varying levels of support to assist in creating massive life changes and growth.

Intuitive Sessions

These shorter sessions are meant to help you get past blockages or struggles and assist you in tapping into your purpose and path.

Small Group Coaching

I offer small group business coaching in my signature program Shark School 4 times a year.

In getting to the core of my values and beliefs about myself and my business, I established a foundation that gave me clear direction. I realized that you don't need an MBA, you need some bedrock skills and a heavy dose of humility and authenticity. You need a coach to call you out when you're ambivalent and hesitant who can redirect your negative thinking and help you develop and execute ideas that will help you and your business grow. Allison delivers on all of this, and I am sincerely grateful.

— Andrea B., Home Historian